Mental Wands by Strixmagic

Mental Wands by Strixmagic

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This extraordinary tool will allow you to perform an exceptional and engaging experiment of mentalism.

You can run it in any technical condition you work!

Delivered to five people in the audience, five colored magic wands, white, red, green, blue, yellow.

Now deliver five foulards with the same colors of the sticks to five other people now. At the center of the scene or on your table there is a container with five black rods with white caps inside.

At this point you can blindfold or turn your back, invite the five people who hold the colored sticks to change the sticks to each other, then insert the colored rod into each black wand, then seal the boxes with their white caps .

At this point it is practically impossible to know the color of the wand contained inside each black case. Ask, to make the experiment even more difficult, to mix the sticks by exchanging them between people.

Then invite someone to take one and pass it through, immediately tie a scarf of a specific color around this black case.

Proceed in the same way for the other four cases.

The final situation will be that five people in the audience now hold each of them a black case (still sealed with a cap) containing a colored wand and a scarf tied around the case.

At this point ask the first spectator and tell him to open the case showing the color of the magic wand (let you do this, very slowly ... suspense ...) incredibly the color of the magic wand will be equal to that of the scarf tied on the case!

First public applause!

Proceed in the same way for the other four magic wands. Incredibly, the colors of the scarves will always correspond to that of the sticks!

A miracle and a riot of applause !!

It does not require particular skills

There are no difficulties' of execution

It covers about 10 15 minutes of your show

Ideal also on television

Extremely scenic and visual

Also suitable for those who generally do brilliant magic

Three important points for a good effect:





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