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From the creative mind of Chris Congreave:Curiously Enough Liar - a totally commercial lie detector routine. Give the lie detector a killer finish. Every day carry cards - a routine to have in your wallet and perform anywhere. Stop - an easy and tota

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Here are some casual and incredible magic tools you'll want to carry around all the time!Crunch by Kelvin Chad is a small gimmick that you can always carry around lightly and show off very visual magic.Imagine a coin just signed by an audience goes i
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Show the back of a card with a hole in each of the 4 corner corners--no optical or other illusions, they are real holes.
Show. precisely, one, two, three and four holes. A fraction of a second later the four holes will suddenly appear in the center of the card, disappearing from the corners!

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At your favorite takeaway coffee shop, be prepared to BLOW your friends away.Show your paper coffee cup to be completely empty and close it with its lid. Visually penetrate ANY small object e.g. a milk cup, sugar cubes, coins, rings, etc. right THROU