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The jumbo 25cm lota bowl is the epitome of this great effect. Beautifully made of highly polished spun aluminum and has twice the capacity of the standard lota bowl! You know the effect: a bowl is shown empty and repeatedly fills with water, which is then poured out! A great running gag/mystery that works through your entire act! Capable of 26 pours. Includes bowl and routine

There are not enough products in stock

A beautiful aluminum bowl is shown empty. At the magician's command, water is poured out of the bowl, and again the bowl is shown empty. This is repeated a number of times until the audience begins to wonder where all of the water is coming from. Bowl is highly polished and stands about 15cm high and is 15cm in diameter. A professional product for working magicians

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The Mini Magician comes with two decks of mini playing cards and four mini card boxes (additional decks are available). You simply have to choose the card you want to use and attach it to the gimmick (you do have to trim each card slightly, but you receive a template for this). You also get blank cards for writing your own messages or predictions, and some mini red cards to turn the gag into giving someone 'a red card.' (This is a football/soccer term for those who don't get the gag).