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Dumping out a solid eight ball from a card box or pen cap to reveal a black 8 playing card never fails to surprise the audience. David Penn has always been fond of the eight ball production, originally from a John Bannon effect, and has featured diff
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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...Perry Maynard and the LAS VEGAS MAGIC COMPANY bring back, by popular demand, the ORIGINAL MAGIC MASTERS SPRING ANIMALS.These adorable life-like "critters" are designed and hand crafted exclusively by the Las Vegas Magic Compa
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A chosen card is put back into the deck. The magician inflates a balloon and places it on the case.

Then he starts laying the cards on the table one by one, from the back. At some point the balloon bursts and the next card is the one chosen!

This is just an idea for using this fantastic gimmick that, hidden in the card case, allows you to pop any balloon!

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Straight out of Cody fisher's corporate comedy act! 3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is Cody Fisher's professional comedy rope routine. It's a 5-10 minute rope routine that is full of comedy, high on audience participation, fits in your pockets and can play

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Comes with ONLINE access to original training content + Bonus Material

The key to making Robbie come alive is all about your handling. Robbie will eat from your hand scurry up your body kiss on the cheek bite your finger dance around and more! 

He measures approximately 22.5 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 in. 
Comes with printed instructions & online learning access