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"David Regal understands more than magic - he understands the moment."- David Copperfield"Interpreting Magic is OUSTANDING, and I look forward to returning to it again and again."- Joshua JayTen years after Approaching Magic, his top-selling book was
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LIMITED EDITION: Only 200 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.This time, we explore the deepest depths of space. Rumors of a strange phenomenon at the edge of a black hole have brought travelers from far and wide to seek adventure and discover the truth.
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Carter Wins!

Poster Size: 22 tall x 14 wide
Protected in plastic bag.

Charles Joseph Carter also known as Carter the Great was an American stage magician in the 1920s. Highlights of Carter's stage performances during his career include the classic sawing a woman in half illusion making a live elephant disappear and cheating the gallows. Carter died in 1936. Carter Beats the Devil is a historical mystery thriller novel that fictionalized accounts of Carter's life that was written by author Glen David Gold