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Printed in 2019 to Celebrate the Victory of CCC Champion LARS MAYRAND54 Traditional Casino-Style Playing CardsAvailable in GREEN on USPCC's Crushed Premium StockThick Borders w/ BLACK TrimSimplified Court CardsShoebox-inspired Tuck Case2500 decks ava
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Fun, visual and original! Three words that describe the effect.Hugo Valenzuela winner of two FISM awards presents "Dancers Thumbs"Select a music from your smartphone.Paste a different color or shape on your thumbs.You will remove your jacket and show
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Psychokinesis is the ability to use mental power either to move an object or to bend solid metal... During the 1970s Uri Geller popularized metal bending by just using his mind and appeared on many TV screens worldwide.Psy-Key-Nesis is a new concept
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We are so excited to announce that we are getting this amazing deck, but only a small limited amount. With that Virtuoso allowed us to pre-order our stock that we will be receiving! Although this deck isn't supposed to ship until December 2020/Januar