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Wine Fontaines are the 10th edition of Fontaine Playing Cards. Like any reserve wine, these cards have been crafted with the finest of quality.Printed on crushed stock with premium finish, Wine Fontaines are one of their thinnest decks and best handl
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Watermelon Fontaines are the 12th edition of Fontaine Playing Cards.Inspired by a Red Fontaine uncut sheet sitting in the sun for 5 years, Watermelon Fontaine color are a juicy color somewhere between the Red Fontaines and Pinks.Limited. Rare. Sellin
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From the creative mind of Chris Congreave:Curiously Enough Liar - a totally commercial lie detector routine. Give the lie detector a killer finish. Every day carry cards - a routine to have in your wallet and perform anywhere. Stop - an easy and tota

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This is where PITATA begins.This is the first of the debut batch of products released by PITATA - PITATA Smart Whiteboard.At the initial stages of the design phase, we wanted to make these features happen:We wanted to make a marker version that is pr

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