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Magic table is an accessory that every magician needs. But what troubles them is that most of the magician tables are very heavy and not convenient to carry with.Ultra Lite Table is so light that it can be easily lifted with just one finger. At the s
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The impossible nested predictionThe mentalist displays a completely sealed envelope, then a spectator freely names any card. The performer takes out a closed card box from inside the envelope. The spectator holds the box and opens it. Inside the case
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The Proposition by Ben Harris and JB Haze is your roadmap into one of the fastest growing trade show circuits today - The Cannabis industry!From "mind-altering" effects and routines, to a broader look into the industry as a whole, this book outlines
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Conundrum - Issue 2A curiosity-filled magazine for the discerning magicianNo ads100 pagesJust MagicConundrum is a Montreal-based independent magazine for magicians by the husband-and-wife team of Marc Trudel and Sophie-Anne Vachon. Conundrum aims to
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Magic Mind 2.0 is a modern magic product that blends cutting-edge technology with traditional skills. It's a convenient, compact, and highly practical magical accessory.

It can not only recognize the number of playing cards but also display their suits, locate specific cards, and even remember the cards chosen by the audience on behalf of the magician.

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The Wand Sanitizer is your commitment to show your spectators that you have adjusted your performances and consideration for others in the changing world.

A magic wand is an essential tool for a magician, while a hand sanitizer is something everyone must carry living under the new norm.

At any moment, you can transform this elegant medical blue magic wand into a sanitizing spray device, for magical and personal hygiene practices.

This action is honestly all very serious, practical and funny at the same time!

A perfect comedy gag for visibly sanitize your hands, props and ...

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Card-Toon #1 by Dan Harlan

Quite possibly the most charming card trick ever invented! A spectator names any card. You then show that each card in your deck has a little stick-figure magician drawn on it. The cards rush by one at a time, and the drawings become an animated cartoon! The stick-figure pulls a card from his top hat and turns it over to reveal the spectator`s named card!Comes complete with specially printed deck.
PLEASE NOTE: CardToon is printed on CartaMundi cards

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We are pleased to present the new version of Money Maker - Incredible Money Conversion effects.It can change the pile of money inside many times with very beautiful effects.Looking at the bills inside, just shake it gently and it will turn into other
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All the power of an Invisible Deck with a personal connection with your audience!Have a deck of cards in full view that contains two very special Jokers. They are not only special because of being face down in a face up deck, but also containing a pe

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