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These pearl white and brown jigged bone magicians' knives are possibly the finest set of color changing knives ever produced. They were custom designed for magicians and the quality is built to last. Two years of working on this new design and with the help and expertise of The Boker Knife Company, Rodger Lovins Magic Presents feels they have built their finest knives to date.

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An extreme trick that will surprise and shock your spectators. One gimmick and many different effects and endings. Each gimmick is handmade.

The flexible nail looks like a real one even from a very close position; when tapped on metal and glass, it will produce a characteristic metallic sound.

Props allow to show the trick from any angle, possible 360 degrees review. This provides unlimited opportunities for showings.

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Everyone wishes for simple paper to turn into money! You can make this wish of people come true with Infinite Money: you will magically transform paper into money!

The transformation happens very quickly; a classic money trick that never goes out of style.

You are sure to receive extraordinary feedback from the audience with this effect!

The preparation is very simple and requires no practice.

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By A.V. Walsh.  Magic Dice. They stack up, vanish, appear, grow larger, shrink smaller, and act in general like they are alive. It's a trained circus with dice. This leading expert gives his all in this sensational book of acrobatic dice and magic dice. Explained so you can do it! Dozens of large, clear illustrations combined with a meticulous text reveal every detail.  32 pages.

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By Jean Hugard. Herein Mr. Hugard has compiled a collection of close up effects with all information about this new line of magic. Most every magician of prominence at the present day is being featured in the new entertainment field: Cardini, Leipsig, Zingone, Vernon, Jarrow, Benson, Brooks, Swan, Martin, Thompson, Orloff, Larry Gray, Dave Allison, Haskell, Devant, Albenice, Carlyle, and many others. A book full of ideas for the close up worker. 57 pages well illustrated

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This is a combination of the Himber Ring and the Kling Ring and can be used to perform any of the effects you would perform with either of these rings. This ring can be secretly opened and closed, permitting you to link this with other borrowed finger rings. The ring has a small but powerful neodymium magnet concealed in the signet box of the ring, enabling you to perform several other effects. Plated in real gold