Walk Around Performer

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A performer displays a cookie and a bottle, and the performer taps it on the bottom and side of the bottle. 1-2-3-CLINK! The cookie visibly penetrates the bottle and is now freely shown to be sealed inside. The cookie is then removed from the bottle and returned to the spectator for examination!

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Discover the latest masterpiece from magicians Axel Vergnaud and Dylan Sausset: an incredible card to box effect, ingeniously redesigned for close-up magic. This clever version offers a collection of tricks including predictions, card changes, and mu
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In the world of magic, the best tricks are often the simplest. Mark Lemon's "Chroma" is elegantly simple, but deceptively powerful!Stroop Tests. You've seen them across the internet, but probably have had no idea what they're called. Chroma disguises

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Mr. Gloves is a doll made with two gloves and has one that allows this character to perform magic tricks such as disappearances and appearances of objects.Mr. Gloves will allow you to make your magic routines much more fun since the use of this doll

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IARVEL MAGIC presents Espionage, the most powerful and reliable magnet detector on the market! Espionage empowers you to achieve the most perplexing mental effects at your fingertips. BASIC EFFECT:While the best psychic in the world can only guess w

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Everyone wishes for simple paper to turn into money! You can make this wish of people come true with Infinite Money: you will magically transform paper into money!

The transformation happens very quickly; a classic money trick that never goes out of style.

You are sure to receive extraordinary feedback from the audience with this effect!

The preparation is very simple and requires no practice.