Walk Around Performer

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We all love the Spirit Slates, it is a classic in magic history. But most of us don't perform it because they are not made for a casual environment. Here it is where Juan Capilla comes into play.

With this new version of the Spirit Slates you can perform the classic with an organic and modern view, carrying them out with your keys all day, becoming your newest EDC magic trick.

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Invisible Addition is a new accessory that allows you to invisibly add at least 13 cards. You can do a lot of effects. It is a specially manufactured case available in a bicycle blue or red design. Two original routines are included in one downloadab
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A FLASH DEVICE THAT CAN BE PUT IN YOUR MOUTHHanson Chien Production Company proudly presents. Nemo is here again to shed some light on us with LUMOS. An instant ice breaker that is visual, safe and easy to do! Imagine you can surprise your spectators