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The Street Size Cups and Balls are one of a kind. They are a heavy set that will last a lifetime. The cups are made out of metal and come with 4 large crochet red balls and 3 final load 3 inch balls (red, yellow and green).

Size of Cups: 
58 mm x 95 mm x 86 mm

Size of Balls: 
31.75 mm

Shipping Dimensions: 
10" x 7" x 5" / 1.65 lbs.

** Fruit not included**

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With "SMILE no SMILE", you have in hand a tour of plays that you can produce for a young audience as well as for an adult audience. The effect itself is quite simple, it consists of going back and forth from a SMILE coin to the NO SMILE coin, a bit l
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Among the information that can be found, the Color-Changing Knives can be traced back to 1930 and usually credited to the illusion master, Walter Jeans.For the next ninety years, due to its extremely versatile effect, as well as its ease of use, and
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With this hammer, you can become an alchemist too!Places a metal ball on a miniature skillet. After heating the metal ball with a lighter, hits it with a Magic Hammer.Just like that, it turns into a coin!The innovative idea of combining two parts mak
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Chris Kenner's wacky, off the wall, and insanely informative book Totally Out of Control is back in print! This book not only teaches you some magician fooling magic, but entertains you along the way. This hard bound book contains puzzles for the reader to solve on the way to learning this priceless material. There are thirty truly amazing effects that are explained both verbally and visually.