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Cell-out has been renewed!

One of our best seller trick - Cell-out/phone from deck - continues as Deckamorphosis from now on!

A deck of cards held in the magician's hand transforms into any small sized object!

The deck can transform into another deck or become money, candy, small beverage, business card and so on... only the sky is the limit!

There are not enough products in stock
Produced and designed by Tora Magic CompanyDisplay an ordinary necklace to an audience, the audience can cut the necklace from anywhere that she/he desires, put it in the container afterwards, mysteriously the necklace will put itself back to fixed p
There are not enough products in stock

Prepare to disappear three coins in an unprecedented way! This is the LCC launched by N2G.You hold four different coins in your hand, they are two silver Morgan coins, one copper coin, and one ancient coin. You close your palm and then open it again,