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119,00 €
WILD COINS is a practical and super visual coin prop. Four silver coins turn copper one by one, then back to silver, ON BOTH SIDES! The audience gasps in amazement! 


- Easy to learn, no complicated sleights needed 
- Visual and practical 
- Made with high quality coins 
- Gets great reactions 
- Demonstrated and explained by Bill Cheung, World Champion of FISM

30,50 €
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From the minds of Justin Flom and The Other Brothers, SNAPPED is a brand new utility device that allows for spectacular visual vanishes. With no slights necessary, you will be able to vanish objects within seconds of learning this insanely original and new secret! Justin Flom performed SNAPPED on a commercial for Airheads™ and everyone thought it was a camera trick

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The Mini Magician comes with two decks of mini playing cards and four mini card boxes (additional decks are available). You simply have to choose the card you want to use and attach it to the gimmick (you do have to trim each card slightly, but you receive a template for this). You also get blank cards for writing your own messages or predictions, and some mini red cards to turn the gag into giving someone 'a red card.' (This is a football/soccer term for those who don't get the gag).

13,90 €
Fate apparire tra le mani una zampa di gatto per rubare una moneta presa in prestito.
Questo effetto gag ottiene reazioni esilaranti e può essere utilizzato per migliorare la vostra magia fornendo un doppio momento di stupore nel mezzo della vostra magia.
Viene fornito completo di un gimmick universalmente adatto + uno speciale gomitolo che il gatto può rubare.