Palco e salotto

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Four mystifying and colorful productions! 

Show four brightly-colored silk handkerchiefs, one at a time. Bunch them all together, hanging from your hand. Reach inside and magically produce a large, colorful umbrella! Repeat this until you have made FOUR umbrellas appear, one at a time! They seem to have come out of nowhere! 

A real audience pleaser and a stunner besides!

39,95 €

Due piastre di acciaio vengono passate attraverso le fessure nel tubo, dividendolo in 3 sezioni.

Un grosso dado viene inserito nel tubo e ovviamente poggia sulla piastra superiore. A comando il dado penetra visibilmente attraverso la piastra verso il vano centrale, poi attraverso la seconda piastra, infine si appoggia nella parte inferiore del tubo

Il gioco comprende: dado, tubo base con piedini. Il piatto girevole del video non è compreso ma è un'ottima idea

Il materiale che ricevi è come quello in FOTO, il video è solo dimostrativo dell'effetto

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You will amaze your audiences when you instantly produce a beautiful set of colorful Nari Flowers (Lilies). Effect: Place a couple of silks in a pan and place the lid on top. Using your finest magical gestures and eloquent patter, lift the lid. Sudde
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The magician shows a paperback book, on the front of which is printed a picture of a pen, watch, and key. The spectator freely chooses one of the three items and now the fun begins... The book opens - on each side, the three aforementioned items are
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A classic of magic. Any object that can fit inside this box and can be made to appear or disappear! Effect: The drawer is opened and shown empty. Opening it for a second time, it is magically filled with sweets that you pour into a bowl. The empty sw
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A dove is placed into a shrinking box, the box is impaled several times, and the dove is magically unharmed! Here's what happens: A box on the magician's table is made of three sections. Its left and right sections are movable and the center one is f
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The performer introduces a small box and rubs it with a white silk. He brings out a white die with black dots. The die is returned, and the box is now rubbed with a red silk. The die is removed from the box - its color has magically turned into red w
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Show a glassy die and 4 cards, each card in a different color. Ask an audience volunteer to freely choose one of the colored cards. Then place the selected card in the glassy die and cover it. Do some magical moves and uncover the die -- WOW!! The di