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La dimostrazione definitiva del libero arbitrio!

La versione accoppiata di Will to Read di Steve Dela è stata finalmente rilasciata ed è l'effetto di controllo mentale perfetto e facile da fare da aggiungere al vostro repertorio di magia close-up o di lettura del pensiero!

Mettete sul tavolo tre oggetti: una penna, una moneta e una carta.

In seguito alle scelte fatte dallo spettatore, quest'ultimo tiene uno degli oggetti, voi ne tenete un altro e l'ultimo viene messo in tasca.

Tuttavia, siete in grado di mostrare una previsione scritta prima dell'effetto, indicando quali oggetti si trovano nella loro esatta posizione!

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Una carta da gioco, una chiave, una moneta o anche una carta di credito presa in prestito si sciolgono in un solido mazzo di carte!

Dopo aver fatto un trucco con le carte con un normale mazzo di carte e senza scambi,

ti offri di mostrare loro un'incredibile illusione ottica.

Prendi in prestito una chiave o una carta di credito, una patente di guida ecc. e la fai sciogliere attraverso il tuo solido mazzo di carte.

Non appena mostri l'illusione puoi mostrare loro ogni carta nel mazzo una per una e possono vedere che le carte sono reali e che non ci sono buchi in esse.

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Questo effetto è una previsione miracolosa fatta dallo stesso spettatore. Il mago non fa niente!

Lo spettatore stesso fa la previsione, lo spettatore mescola le monete e, sorprendentemente, si verifica una partita sorprendente.

Questo è un effetto super pratico e perfetto per improvvisare in qualsiasi situazione. Hai solo bisogno di 10 monete in prestito, nient'altro!

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COGNITO è quanto di più vicino potrai mai sperimentare all'incredibile potere della telepatia.

Immagina che qualcuno pensi a QUALSIASI COSA (una carta da gioco, un segno zodiacale, una parola, un film, una celebrità... qualunque cosa voglia).

Non lo scrivono MAI, Non lo indicano, Non lo cliccano, Non battono le palpebre e addirittura Non sussurrano... il pensiero esiste SOLO nella loro mente.

Eppure con COGNITO sai ESATTAMENTE cosa sta pensando

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The in-depth teaching of moves taught here in Volume 4 will allow you to begin to fully master and use the strength of the Andrus Card Control approach. These moves are not difficult in their mechanics since they rely fully on the Diagonal Jog Push In Control taught in Volume 1. They are some of Jerry's most potent and versatile moves used by Jerry Andrus in his live shows. 

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Paul Harris creates a hyper-personal astonishment with a standard campaign-type button... and the spectator's own shirt and body. 

She actually feels the button penetrate thru her shirt and drop onto her bare belly! 

Easy to do. 

Note: To perform Belly Button, you need to obtain cheap campaign-type buttons of your choice and one other readily available secret ingredient. 

Download today -- learn this fun and astonishing feat of magic!

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This is a complete routine that can be performed to music or as a parlor effect. 

It is made up of modern effects and props that you can find just about everywhere. Preparation can be done in just a minute and can be performed in most environments due to its great angles. 

The opening effect is the appearance of a filled wine glass. Later a match transforms into a cigarette. Next, a flame is lifted out of its lighter with naked fingers to light the cigarette. After filling the glass with smoke, an entire flower is produced from the mouth of the glass to end the routine. It's beautiful! 

Download this video and learn this amazing routine

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"The best Matrix I have ever seen! I thought my eyes were malfunctioning." 
- Richard Sanders 

After ten years of keeping his routines underground, Patricio Terán, the Matrix specialist, brings you his legendary handlings of the Chink-a-Chink plot. 

You will learn three wonderful routines, complete with all of the subtle elements that will transform your Matrix into a miracle. 

These incredible effects are explained step by step with the best quality video and the best possible teacher. 

If you have ever wanted to do a hyper visual Matrix with 4 different objects, download this today! 

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A Sharpie passes through a small hole in a card! 

The magician shows a card that has a small hole punched in it. He explains that the Sharpie can't pass through because the hole is too small. But because you are a magician, the Sharpie nevertheless penetrates that small hole - by magic! 

Welcome to UNHOLEY

Download the video and learn this great visual spectacle!

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It's finally here-Seol Park's At The Table lecture! He's an internationally acclaimed magician performing all over the world in places like Taiwan, the US, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia. He was the 2015 FISM Italy close-up micro winner, the 2014 FISM Asia close-up champion, the 2014 IBM & SAM combined close-up S.A.M. high score, the 2012 BIMF close-up champion, the 2012 UGM close-up champion, and the 2012 Macmillan International close-up winner. Join us At The Table to find out exactly why Seol Park's magic is highly praised around the world. Learn his unique blend of close-up and parlor magic right here, At The Table

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Friends for over 20 years, this pair thinks and breathes magic creativity-they are none other than the Magic Brothers. If two heads are better than one, then this dynamic duo is guaranteed to deliver one hell of a show and lecture. Internationally acclaimed and world renowned, the Magic Brothers were awarded Grand Prix at the 2014 FISM Asia, and then became one of the winners at FISM 2014. Prepare to learn routines that you can create from everyday items, that are both simple and yet truly eye catching. Are you ready for the Magic Brothers? Come find out, At The Table

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A new kind of Haunted Deck! 

Spectator selects any card from the deck. You then lose it in the pack of cards. Place the deck in a leaning position next to a wall, coffee cup or soda can. After a few moments, by magic, without touching it, the deck cuts itself right at the selected card! One portion then falls with the selected card showing! Welcome to GHOST DECK.
Download this video and start learning this eerie effect!

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GHOST TIC TAC is an effect where a Tic Tac mint penetrates from the box visually. 

Imagine this. You show a completely sealed Tic Tac box and, just by shaking it, you cause a Tic Tac to escape from the box slowly and visually.


Download the video and learn to perform this trick!

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After years of preparation, we proudly present our second billiard ball project to you: REBORN. In this online download, you will learn many cutting-edge yet mesmerizing sleights, routines and ball gimmicks. These will boost your manipulation routine to a new level. Bond Lee is collaborating with Ian Tsang and Bojan Barisic once again. Their contributions are extremely valuable to this spectacular project. Witness and learn some incredible ball moves and ideas! REBORN is made for those seeking the most advanced resource on ball manipulation. If you have not looked at the prequel, "Born," we strongly recommend you do so. Contents

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In short, this is a complete "Business in a Box" unique and unrivalled training package containing numerous hours of videos, audios, and also PDF training manuals and books.

You will discover everything you will ever need to know about becoming a highly paid Psychic Consultant and Fortune Teller, along with the Secrets of the Mediums & Stage Clairvoyants.

You will master the Arts of Runes, Astrology, Tarot & other forms of Readings and divination.

Master the art of Psycho-Babble, Cold Reading, Red Hot Readings and other ways to reveal people's past, present and future with ease.

How to conduct Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Investigations, and also how to perform apparently miraculous Psychic feats

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Filmed on a Television broadcast quality camera at Royle's Live Training seminar on Saturday 13th October 2018 in Chesterfield, England at Future House Therapy Centre, you will become a fly on the wall during approximately five hours of truly explosive and eye-opening video footage.

By way of the video footage, together with the audio files of the event which are also accompanied by a copy of Royle's Book, "Seance Secrets, Ghost Hunting Tricks & Paranormal Investigation Techniques," you will witness the demonstration of and also learn the Secrets behind...