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Non ci sono abbastanza prodotti in magazzino

Breather Stickers is a fun addition to your deck of cards. Simply add this sticker to your Queen of Spades and instantly be able to cut to it whenever you like. Use it as a key card and you or your spectator can cut to it every single time! 

Perfect for anyone learning or performing card magic. Always hidden in your deck, these high-quality stickers will last longer than your cards! If you perform magic with a secret "Key Card" - get ready to make the switch to Breather Stickers by Magic Trick Stickers immediately

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The magician wets a small paper handkerchief by immerging it in a glass of water, then wrings it out and holds it in his closed fist. Magically, by simply waving a fan near it the wet paper transforms into a beautiful snowfall of paper confetti that fills the stage. 

  • 10 pieces for package.
  • A classic effect for stage performances
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Non ci sono abbastanza prodotti in magazzino

Inserisci dell'acqua in un bicchiere e istantaneamente produrrai tantissima neve.E' un prodotto chimico,basta un solo cucchiaino in un bicchiere e aggiungendo acqua il volume aumenterà di cento volte tanto

Devi solo aggiungere dell'acqua!