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Everyone wishes for simple paper to turn into money! You can make this wish of people come true with Infinite Money: you will magically transform paper into money!

The transformation happens very quickly; a classic money trick that never goes out of style.

You are sure to receive extraordinary feedback from the audience with this effect!

The preparation is very simple and requires no practice.

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Show a wooden crate with sliding panels in the front and back. Put the crate around the head of a blindfolded spectator and remove both panels so that everyone can clearly see the spectator's head inside the crate, then put the panels back on. Several swords are stuck from all angles through the sides of the crate. Remove the front panel to show that the spectator's head has completely disappeared and the inside of the crate is crisscrossed with swords. There appears to be no room to hide anything between the swords. The front panel is now reinserted and all swords are removed. Eventually both panels are removed again to show that the spectator's head is completely unharmed!

Shipping within 3-4 days

Considered to be one of the greatest and most perplexing production effects on the market. Manufactured by the famous Petrie Lewis (P&L Magic Company).

The tube is picked up from the table and can be held up to the light so that the audience can clearly see that it's completely empty. The tube is now held in the palm of the hand and the spectator is requested to make drum-heads by placing a thin tissue over each end and two metal rings to secure them. The paper drum heads are immediately broken and loads of silks and ribbons are now produced from the once empty tube.

Nothing is loaded during the presentation of the effect. It's easy, all self-contained and packs a big WOW! Can be used in both close-up and stage settings. Supply your own silks.

Shipping within 3-4 days
  • Size is twice bigger A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) instead of A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) size
  • Innovative Gravity System 2.0 Now the mechanism relies on gravity: a powerful magnet releases the flap as soon as it is removed from the plastic sleeve.
  • Super Reliable New material that won't break. Innovated material that ensures the gimmick will not break.
  • Dry-Erase Ability - Markers leave no trace and can be completely erased with a cloth (included). Experiment with any routine until you've crafted the perfect show..
  • Quality of flaps, papers and plastic sleeves is better!