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All of a sudden bright spark appears in the hands of a magician. Highly visual effect.Good for opening item.Suitable for stage shows.Very easy to operate. Note: the trick requires flash cotton, which is not included.
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The Linking Finger Rings is, simply, one of the great effects of magic. Invented by Persi Diaconis around 1960 and marketed by Richard Himber, it's the rare sort of effect that captures an audience's imagination:Three rings are borrowed. The magician
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A chosen card is put back into the deck. The magician inflates a balloon and places it on the case.

Then he starts laying the cards on the table one by one, from the back. At some point the balloon bursts and the next card is the one chosen!

This is just an idea for using this fantastic gimmick that, hidden in the card case, allows you to pop any balloon!