Special Effects (Fire & Smoke & Sound)

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CAUTION: Please avoid inserting the Impossible Charger into a real wall socket to prevent product damage and the potential for electric shock. The Impossible Charger is designed solely for performance purposes and is not intended for actual charging!
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Here is a truly spectacular stage effect, a flame appears in your right hand, you put it out and at the same time the fire appears in the palm of your left hand. Now deposit the flame in your pocket and the fire reappears in your right hand. These effects are very visual, and can be accompanied by other effects, such as the production of a "Bouquet of flowers from the hand", a scarf and so on.

There are not enough products in stock

Smoke effect and silk to ball are two very popular visual effect on stage, now we have combined both into one! You will be able to transform a silk into a ball along with smoke appears, super visual and perfect for stage magic.

Produced by Magic 007, presented by MS Magic.

The ball is 50mm in diameter