Special Effects (Fire & Smoke & Sound)

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Here is a truly spectacular stage effect, a flame appears in your right hand, you put it out and at the same time the fire appears in the palm of your left hand. Now deposit the flame in your pocket and the fire reappears in your right hand. These effects are very visual, and can be accompanied by other effects, such as the production of a "Bouquet of flowers from the hand", a scarf and so on.

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PhenomenonYou stand your business card on the flat surface of a card box, and even though you release the hands, your card is still standing on its own.You rotate the card box to show its backside, but there is nothing suspicious that can be spotted.

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Our Black Light Bulb emits ultraviolet (UV) light, turns fluorescent colors luminous and makes white objects glow an eerie purple, while all other colors go dark. Swap out your regular incandescent bulb with this Black Light Bulb for instant, eerie party atmosphere. Will work well with Neon UV makeup. Great for Halloween or other decorations with fluorescent details.

75 Watt, 120 volt standard light bulb

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Product composition Gimmick, Switch, Charger, Fluid, Arm Band, Silk kit, Remote control

Introducing innovative ultra-compact smoke Device
- Finger Palm possible ultra-small size
- the amount of rich smoke
- Presented 'Arm Kit' for existing smoke perfroming
- Presented 'Silk Kit' for smoke glass perfroming
- can performing the same electric smoke glass with Silk kit, - All wine glasses and cups can be, Use after Sun Smoke combination
Includes: Sun Smoke, Arm Kit, Extension Switch,
Switch safety cap, smoke liquid 30ml, Manual, charger, charging wire, spare coil, Silk kit, Remote control