Money Magic

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Prepare to disappear three coins in an unprecedented way! This is the LCC launched by N2G.You hold four different coins in your hand, they are two silver Morgan coins, one copper coin, and one ancient coin. You close your palm and then open it again,

There are not enough products in stock
The Coin Penetration Tube is a classic coin magic prop. It consists of two metal or wooden cylinders that can be snapped together and split apart, with a playing card or metal plate in between them. The magic happens when a coin is placed in one end
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Thanks for David Penn and Paul Longhurst from the Wizard Magic Review for featuring the Table by TCC & Airship Magic Mfg. Both David & Paul gave 89% scores, which is the highest score they can give if they don't perform it in their own shows. A big thank you to the friends involved in the review!

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