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We are pleased to present the new version of Money Maker - Incredible Money Conversion effects.It can change the pile of money inside many times with very beautiful effects.Looking at the bills inside, just shake it gently and it will turn into other
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Always know the outcome of a coin toss. No peeking, no magnets, no electronics.Coins have always been synonymous with magic, and now mentalists can get in on the action too. HOT is an inexplicable, multi-phase, close-up mind reading routine by the ma

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"Card Warp is one of my favorite effects of all time. And this is Card Warp on steroids. How on earth can you do card warp with no cover and have their card examinable? And then follow up with basically a mini-illusion in the second phase? This is ge

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Altair is a set of coins that creates visual effects from vanishing, transposition, penetration and the limit is your imagination.6 featured routines included:Altair MatrixTwin Coins TeleportationCoin Through CardSimple TeleportationBack and ForthIns

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Everyone wishes for simple paper to turn into money! You can make this wish of people come true with Infinite Money: you will magically transform paper into money!

The transformation happens very quickly; a classic money trick that never goes out of style.

You are sure to receive extraordinary feedback from the audience with this effect!

The preparation is very simple and requires no practice.

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A comprehensive educational approach to learning coin magic! Watch the most incredible sleights and tricks with coins!

Then learn step-by-step from the performer's view how you too can execute these staggering coin moves!

This 4 volume Combo is LOADED with 170+ sleights and tricks using coins!

All is carefully explained from master magician Ben Salinas.

You will receive the 4 DVD Set + Digital Access Pass to Stream & Download your content.

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New pocket trick, direct from the manufacturer, brass PennyTube. This is a clever variation on the standard coin tube. The basic effect is you separate the two halves of the tube and place a quarter in the center, then reassemble the tube. The quarter now blocks the center of the tube, so nothing can pass through the tube. You drop four pennies into the tube to show that they cannot pass through the center. Repeat and say the magic word and one coin passes through the tube! This is repeated with all four coins. With the PennyTube, you can not only make one coin pass through the tube, you can also make TWO coins pass through! This novel adaptation, increases the routine possibilities, and creates a climax that eludes other coin tube tricks.