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The Wand Sanitizer is your commitment to show your spectators that you have adjusted your performances and consideration for others in the changing world.

A magic wand is an essential tool for a magician, while a hand sanitizer is something everyone must carry living under the new norm.

At any moment, you can transform this elegant medical blue magic wand into a sanitizing spray device, for magical and personal hygiene practices.

This action is honestly all very serious, practical and funny at the same time!

A perfect comedy gag for visibly sanitize your hands, props and ...

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Mr. Gloves is a doll made with two gloves and has one that allows this character to perform magic tricks such as disappearances and appearances of objects.Mr. Gloves will allow you to make your magic routines much more fun since the use of this doll

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Jolly Lolly is a perfect trick effect, for kids and adults too! It's easy to perform, easy to understand, colorful and will amaze by your audiences.EFFECT: A magician is holding a paper bag on which some lollipops are printed, says that the bag conta
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The magician shows a panel, opens it, pulls out a disk representing the sun (or, if you prefer, the moon) from inside, and leaves the panel in view. The magician then takes a double-compartment box, opens the two doors and shows the empty interior. In one compartment he places the sun and closes the two doors. The audience is asked to remember where the sun is. The box is tilted and the door of the compartment where the sun was is opened so as to show the disappearance of the sun! The audience, who heard the sound of ...

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Robbie "The Magic Trick" Raccoon is the most sold spring animal by magic dealers worldwide! His realistic real fur and features make him look and feel lifelike. Create an entire routine around this single product.

Measures approximately 34 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm.

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The box is crafted from black walnut, and the mechanism is activated by turning the direction of the lid. Not only can it be used to transform flat objects into three-dimensional ones, but the interior space and thickness are also large enough to hol

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The magician inserts, in a pot, a pair of seeds. Then he waters them thanks to a watering can from which abundant water will come out. After a moment, a lush plant filled with flowers will magically emerge from the pot!

A botany with well-conceived "logic"!

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Our skilled magician invites a lucky child onto the stage and shows them a large, laminated picture of a glass of refreshing orange juice. But that's not all - the magician also gives the child a straw and asks them to start sipping on it, all while standing six feet away from the performer.

As the child starts to sip, the audience watches in awe as the liquid in the glass begins to disappear, slowly but surely. It's as if magic is happening right before their eyes! The liquid continues to vanish until the glass is completely empty, leaving everyone in disbelief.