Strat-O-Sphere PRO (Joker Tube Professional)

Strat-O-Sphere PRO (Joker Tube Professional)

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An essential item for kid magicians and clowns. 
The tube and balls can be used as a stand-alone magic show. 

Use the tubes to change ball order and vanish balls using the ball vanish box. The ball vanish box is designed to vanish more than just a ball! You will quickly find that the Pro Model Joker Tube has endless possibilities! 

The durability quality feel and function are the best ever made.


Ball Vanishing Box


  • Locking Magnetic Doors
  • Structurally sound hinge function and screws
  • Multicolor Joker painted on door


  • No crush design for a dimple free ball
  • Vibrant red yellow & green color balls

Crystal Tube & Base

  • The plastic ball tube is has a crystal clear glass feel and look
  • Base with tube is perfect length and height for ball display

Metal Cover Tube

  • Strong light aluminum weight design
  • Vibrant color baked in paint for long life
  • No seam in the tube and tube will not bend

Highly durable perfect function and absolutely beautiful magic apparatus


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