The best 10 news of early August

Published : 2021-08-06 23:20:52
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I confess,

I haven't looked at the news in the wizarding world for a few days.

Being on vacation, I don't have much free time for my magic stuff ????

It was only tonight that I managed to escape from my responsibilities as a father and partner, but not after showering the twins.

In short, I went to the PC and I found a lot of interesting things that, in my opinion, are worth mentioning in this letter and that you should take a look at.

Some are in pre-order, but when we reopen on the 17th they should already be available for shipment, so, as I always recommend ... if it's pre-ordered and you like it ... get it right away before it runs out.

So, we said ... new products ...

I'm not going to bore you more than I should, so I'm not here to tell you about the aspects of every article that struck me.

I can tell you that

of Skinner's book my supplier has the last 12 copies and then fat.

My Invisible Friend is a beautiful sponge routine that you must have for sure

Fadeck, is the deck that slowly disappears in view, very strong and simple to do.

Vanishing of Himitsu, in real life .. I don't know, but it's definitely cool for zoom

Think Back, mentalism, everything that is said is written on a note attached to the magician's back. Already seen but I'm curious about the method.

Hashtag Cash, NOT to be underestimated, from mobile to money

Pendant, reminds me of the effects of yesteryear. The card that magically comes out of the deck. He needs the bag so great for the stage.

MagiKub 2.0 obviously recommended for cube lovers. A must have

Ghost Frame I would hang it on the wall in the room so that it would be well seen by my viewer. Surely spectacular, it costs but it is a must have.

Ringing by Way and Himitsu, a bell that rings by itself like that of the JL but does not need a string and in fact costs twice as much. If you do Bizarre I recommend this one without a rope

You can find them further down and if you click on them you will already find the description in Italian and, it seems to me in all of them, there is also the video to see the effect.

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