A brief history of the Money Maker Effect

Published : 2023-02-03 16:55:43
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A brief history of the Money Maker Effect:

1st. in 1891 to Alois Miklas of Vienna Austria-Hungary with assignor to
George Borgfelt & Co. of New York (toy manufacturer)
Patent #453201

2nd. in 1905 to William Horrocks of Littlefalls New York as a toy.
This was the first flat model.  Patent #783203
3rd.in 1909 to Frank L. Oleson of Chicago Illinois

4th. was issued in 1923 to Fred Densmore & Christian Kessler. This model was
the one that influenced the Thayer Owen models. This is also the model that was
used by Laurel and Hardy in their 1942 film A Haunting We Will Go which also
featured that great loved Illusionist Dante. Patent #1473214

There have been lots of variations built and manufactured over the years but the
S.S. Adams Co. probably made more versions of the money maker than anyone else.
As far as the very first?  Bart Whaley in his Encyclopedic Dictionary of Magic
says that a money maker was marketed in W.F. Hamley's catalog in 1882 as
The Marvelous Printing Machine

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