Jolly Jail (AKA Foxy) by Strixmagic Shop

Jolly Jail (AKA Foxy) by Strixmagic Shop

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Some jokers are dangerous for the magician and must be locked up ... they could disappear!

Effect: The magician shows the audience why the magicians remove the jokers from the deck before making an effect with the cards.

"Because the Jokers are great jokers and enjoy ruining the magician's game."

He extracts from a sort of prison four jokers, the most dangerous, showing how these, every time you count them, they are never as they should be.

Sometimes they turn two by two face down, sometimes even individually and finally… what should never happen… they disappear!

Material: Receive a plastic prison case, four cards printed in high quality and laminated to last forever.

Detailed instructions 

Simple to perform.

Techniques required: Elmsley Count