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La moneta di Inspyring è stata creata appositamente per l'esecuzione di routine di mentalismo con monete - zero sleight coinvolti! La maggior parte delle routine sono automatiche. Tuttavia, le routine sono facili da imparare ed eseguire in modo da poter concentrarsi completamente sulla presentazione.

Inserisci la tua moneta Inspyring nel tuo portafoglio o in tasca, impara le routine e sei sempre pronto a compiere miracoli incredibili. La dimensione delle monete è un pratico diametro di 30 mm (1,25 pollici).

247,00 €

In short, this is a complete "Business in a Box" unique and unrivalled training package containing numerous hours of videos, audios, and also PDF training manuals and books.

You will discover everything you will ever need to know about becoming a highly paid Psychic Consultant and Fortune Teller, along with the Secrets of the Mediums & Stage Clairvoyants.

You will master the Arts of Runes, Astrology, Tarot & other forms of Readings and divination.

Master the art of Psycho-Babble, Cold Reading, Red Hot Readings and other ways to reveal people's past, present and future with ease.

How to conduct Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Investigations, and also how to perform apparently miraculous Psychic feats

147,00 €


Filmed on a Television broadcast quality camera at Royle's Live Training seminar on Saturday 13th October 2018 in Chesterfield, England at Future House Therapy Centre, you will become a fly on the wall during approximately five hours of truly explosive and eye-opening video footage.

By way of the video footage, together with the audio files of the event which are also accompanied by a copy of Royle's Book, "Seance Secrets, Ghost Hunting Tricks & Paranormal Investigation Techniques," you will witness the demonstration of and also learn the Secrets behind...

30,00 €
Non ci sono abbastanza prodotti in magazzino

I tocchi sciamanici è un libro edito da Wolf Waldbauer sui suoi famosi tocchi. 

Destinato a diventare un classico della magia in breve tempo!

Lo spettatore coinvolto si sente toccare in più punti e, in tempo reale, indica dove si è sentito toccare

Gli altri spettatori sono increduli testimoni che il performer non ha mai toccato lo spettatore coinvolto.

25,00 €
Non ci sono abbastanza prodotti in magazzino

Wolf Waldbauer racconta la sua versione della carta del compleanno. Lo spettatore annuncia la sua data di compeanno e il performer conosce a quale carta corrisponde mostrando un calendarietto che contiene tante carte differenti

Differenti presentazioni per un effetto veramente impossibile

Libretto in italiano

199,00 €
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Having a séance? Or just want to set the mood for some eerie yet great magic to follow? 

At your command, this candle automatically lights up. Easy to use -- it uses two common batteries (18650 and 12v) and a remote control. 

Old-style version! 

Height 16 cm, thickness 3 cm. Supplied with solid brass candle holder. 

Video instructions included

32,03 €

Mentalism is, by its very nature, an implicit art. 

But it doesn't have to be! 

Sean Fields created a sensation when he published Explicit Content.

With Explicit Footage, Sean continues to push the boundaries of conventional mentalism! 

Episode 2 - Benz 

Imagine causing a borrowed coin to visibly bend! 

In this episode of Explicit Footage, you will learn:

  • The Bounce Bend - The coin bends in MID AIR while being tossed hand to hand!
  • The Shades Change - An unbelievable bend that defies conventional thinking!
  • On Contact - A incredibly simple, and equally visual bend!
  • How to assemble the Benz Bender; quite possibly the BEST coin bender in existence

This is metal bending. Redefined.

Running Time Approximately 16min

18,30 €

EFFECT: The magician writes down a prediction and places it aside, sight unseen. A deck of cards is introduced, shuffled and handed to a spectator along with a pen. The spectator holds the cards behind her back and marks any card with a large X. The magician's prediction is shown and it proves to be a perfect match to the spectator's selected card!