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This wallet has special abilities that will help you to leave your spectators in shock.

A spectator writes a thought on the back of a business card and places it face down in the wallet. 
The wallet is closed and placed in the magician's pocket. 
The magician can then tell the spectator his or her written thought without hesitation. 

Preferred by professionals that do mind reading shows and close-up entertainment.

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"Patter In Rhyme" is a collection of 15 excellent and novel patter presentations, in the form of magical poetry.  Written in 1939 by Bert Douglas and illustrated by Nelson Hahne.  15 poems in all and a page of text explanation.  

The other half of this combination book is "En Rapport" by Ted Annemann. It is a complete 30 minute routined act of telepathy, mind reading, and clairvoyance designed for two people. 

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Inspyring Coin is specially created for the purpose of performing coin mentalism routines -- zero sleights involved! Most of the routines are self-working. Yet the routines are easy to learn and perform so that you can focus fully on your presentation. 

Just pop your Inspyring Coin into your wallet or pocket, learn the routines, and you are always ready to perform some amazing miracles. The size of the coins is a handy 30mm (1.25 inches) in diameter.

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In short, this is a complete "Business in a Box" unique and unrivalled training package containing numerous hours of videos, audios, and also PDF training manuals and books.

You will discover everything you will ever need to know about becoming a highly paid Psychic Consultant and Fortune Teller, along with the Secrets of the Mediums & Stage Clairvoyants.

You will master the Arts of Runes, Astrology, Tarot & other forms of Readings and divination.

Master the art of Psycho-Babble, Cold Reading, Red Hot Readings and other ways to reveal people's past, present and future with ease.

How to conduct Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Investigations, and also how to perform apparently miraculous Psychic feats